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About Karmed

We specialize in high value generics and innovative pharmaceutical products with a focus on women’s health.
In addition, we are also your one-stop-shop for selected APIs of high quality.

Company history


Karmed was founded to capitalize on research results of the university hospital of Vienna.


In 2004 the main focus has become the development of various prostaglandine generics.


Since 2009 a Middle East Pharmaceutical Group holds the majority shares of Karmed.  Since then the group has aimed to expand the portfolio to provide patients with cost effective medication to treat various diseases and to invest in value added food supplements.


Since 2019 Karmed has undergone a complete restructuring under the new management of Dr. Salma Michor, Dr. Mina Wagdy and Dr. Michael Wagdy.


The company aims to reposition itself as a player in the generic and innovative drug fields to provide cost effective medication for patients and providing high quality and affordable APIs to the industry.

"Our vision is to be a market leader in the generics landscape in Austria and other countries to make a real difference and change people’s lives for the better."
Dr. Mounir Wagdy | Karmed
Dr. Mounir Wagdy
Managing Director